Ministry of Education have released the new ICT Cabling Infrastructure Policy and Standards for Schools

An amendment to the new ICT Cabling Infrastructure Policy and Standards for Schools has been released. The standards are a living document and further fmodifications will be notified to ensure all parties working in schools are aware of changes.

The main changes are:

  • The 15m maximum rule for running gel filled cables within a building has been removed from v3.4
  • The reference to Telecom green duct or conduit has been removed from v3.3, allowing unmarked green duct to be utilised for underground pathways.
  • Other minor formatting changes have also been implemented.

The purpose of the document is to provide minimum standards in the following areas: 

  • Technical requirements for cabling systems
  • Product selection and system dimensioning
  • Design, installation and testing requirements
  • Cabling administration and documentation

The scope of this document is to address the following areas:

  • Structured cabling systems (SCS) comprised of balanced copper cabling and optical fibre cabling for use in New Zealand Schools
  • Cable pathways and equipment spaces including equipment rooms and equipment mounting.

Please send to any questions or errors that you may have on the standards and we will endeavour to assist in answering them and forward to the appropriate contact within the Ministry.

Download the Cabling Standards document

We have a huge responsibility to assure the stakeholders in our schools – students, staff, Trustees, Ministry – have all the correct information to make the best decisions possible. We need to ensure we reduce our 'I don’t know what I don’t know' position to the least possible. No project should venture far without expert advice.

John Wright, Principal
Mercury Bay Area School

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