Network for Learning to be progressively rolled out from mid 2013

Research suggests that learners in digitally-integrated classrooms can be more motivated to learn and more engaged with their learning, than children in classrooms without such environments.

From mid-2013 schools with fibre connections will be able to progressively sign up to the Network for Learning (N4L), available as an online network for schools. 
To enable schools to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits that ultra-fast broadband offers, the N4L will be more affordable. Through centralised procurement schools will be able to purchase ultra-fast broadband internet access and other online content and services more cost-effectively.

When the Network becomes available it will offer a range of services, such as internet access, firewalling, filtering, help desk support, educational content and services to support schools to deliver enhanced learning in online environments. Services progressively available over time could include access to collections of quality multi-media resources, high-definition video conferencing, learning management systems, e-portfolios and offsite data backup and storage (essential for disaster recovery).The Network will encourage collaboration and sharing of resources and knowledge between school communities and learners around New Zealand.

The full article can be found on the Education Gazette website.

In the year following the upgrade we reduced the number of hours we needed to employ technical support. The speed of the network permits much faster data transfer as evidenced by speedier upgrades of software. Teachers appreciate being able to access the network across the school site, in every corner of the campus. This year we installed a third full computer suite following the rewiring of the campus.

Vivianne Murphy, Principal
Wanganui Girls College

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