RGHS - Energy Reduction with the assistance of EECA & Torque IP.


At the end of 2012, Rotorua Girls’ High School determined it was an opportune time to enter into a energy management programme for 2013 with the goal of reducing their energy consumption by at least 10%.

Torque IP, programme partners for the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA), were able to provide an EECA-subsidised energy audit and energy management plan to reduce energy wastage. By the end of January 2013, RGHS were ready to commence their new programme.

Torque IP presented the initial energy system and campaign outline to staff, prior to Annette Joyce announcing the campaign to students at a school assembly.

To assist with the campaign, Torque IP also provided a toolkit of resources including presentations, templates, “switch it off” posters and demonstrated energy efficient equipment to help cement understanding.

The following month in February provided incredible results, better than predicted in fact, showing that a culture change was occurring. Usage dropped from 29,904kWh in 2012, to 21,374kWh in 2013; this equates to an over 28.5% reduction, which in monetary terms is $1250. An amazing result. What mechanical and especially behavioural improvements being fostered within the school, can be taken home to carry on the savings there.

Future improvements are now being considered that will further enhance savings across the school as the year progresses.

Story by the Rotorua Girls High School Energy Efficiency Committee.


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