School Network Upgrade Project (SNUP)

This page is specifically designed to help schools participating in the School Network Upgrade Project. It contains information about the project including, FAQ's, useful information and process documentation required by Torque IP and the Ministry of Education.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

The school requires an electrical sub mains/DB Board upgrade, can this be included as part of the SNUP upgrade? 

No, the upgrade or replacement of electrical distribution boards and sub main cabling falls outside the scope of the SNUP ICT upgrade and must be fully funded by the school . The school is asked to inform Torque IP during the initial school draft design approval process of any requirement or plans for electrical upgrade work. This information is also requested on the initial SNUP questionnaire sent to the school.

Can we have the Data Projector/Wireless (DP/W) Telecommunication Outlet (TO) and accompanying General Power Outlet (GPO) mounted above the suspended ceiling in some classrooms? 

Generally the dual telecommunication outlet allocated as the DP/W (Data Projector/Wireless outlet) should be installed just above the top edge on the left or right side of the whiteboard approximately 2 meters from the floor. Any specific wish to locate these outlets above the suspended ceiling (if present) will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

When will the school be able to connect to the ultra fast broad band network? 

Torque IP cannot provide or confirm timelines relating to the Ultra Fast Broadband Layout. Enquiries of this nature should be directed to the Ministry of Education’s School Connection Project.

Can we have our existing security cameras cabled as part of SNUP?

No, the structured cabling required to network security cameras falls outside the scope of the SNUP ICT Upgrade. If required this must be fully funded by the school.

Can we have a dual Telecommunication Outlet (TO) installed in our pool shed as we see this as part of ICT learning i.e. using filmed footage of swimming broadcasted to other areas of the school to improve swimming techniques?

Any structured cabling required to connect a pool shed to the school’s ICT network must be fully funded by the school.

Can we have Telecommunication Outlet's (TO’s) installed in our caretakers office/shed to control the Building Management System?

As a general rule, any structured cabling required to connect the caretaker’s shed to the school’s ICT network falls outside the scope of the SNUP upgrade and must be fully funded by the school.

Why must the schools insurance cover the network switches before they are mounted in the cabinets?

Once delivered to the school, network switches become the property of the school. It is therefore recommended that these are noted and added to the school’s insurance policy as soon as possible. Once delivered, network switch serial numbers can be provided if required to aid with this.

We want to have an additional prefab built at the school during the upgrade. Will this be covered under (or void) the 25 year manufacturer’s warranty provided for the SNUP upgrade if TO’s in this block are cabled back to a cabinet installed as part of the SNUP upgrade?

In order for the cabling of any additional buildings to be included in the site manufacturer’s 25-30 year warranty, the product installed must be of the same type as that installed under SNUP. This installation must be carried out by an installer certified to install this particular product.

Will we receive as-builts for the upgrade?

On the completion of the ICT Upgrade carried out at your school, Torque IP will provide the school with a complete documentation containing as built drawings, test results, warranties, and sign off documentation. This will generally take place within 2 months of the cabling completion.

We would like Telecommunication Outlet's (TO’s) installed for computers we will be adding within 3 months. Is this possible?

New telecommunications outlets will be provided to cater for immediate requirements i.e. existing ICT devices only. It is requested during initial stages of the ICT upgrade process, that schools provide detailed information indicating the numbers of computers, printers and wireless access points throughout the school.

How long do I have to review the plans?

Ideally it shouldn’t take more than 3 business days to approve the Network Development Plan (NDP). We recommend that you contact your Project Manager if you have any queries regarding anything to do with your design.

What am I looking for when reviewing the design?

It is recommended to pay attention to the following aspects of the design:

  • Number of outlets allocated in each teaching space, office, workrooms etc
  • Location of main cabling cabinets
  • Location of the server room
  • Proposed underground ducting interconnecting the buildings
  • List of switches that are being supplied
  • The Best Case/Worst Case Cost Estimates accompanying the design

What are the extents of the changes I may request?

Normally the scope of the design fully complies with the Ministry Standards (telecommunication outlet allocation, backbone provision, switching supply etc). Please contact your Project Manager if you require minor changes.

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