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Earlier this year the Ministry of Education released an amended cabling installation standards document to take the place of the previous v3.4. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Cabling Infrastructure: Policy and Standards for Schools  - Version 4.0.

To ensure a consistently good standard of installation in New Zealand schools, compliance with these standards is mandatory for all ICT structured cabling installation carried out on Ministry of Education property i.e. schools.

A key requirement of the current standards document pertains to ‘Installer Qualification’. In addition to any specific manufacturer training course for approved products, the Ministry now require that:

“The installer’s lead installer, site manager or site foreman shall have attended and passed the Ministry of Education ICT Cabling Standards training course and hold a valid certification from this course. All works need to have oversight by a person holding this certification”.

Torque IP offers a nationwide series of ICT Standards Training seminars for Ministry of Education cabling installers.

Seminars will provide a clear explanation of the Ministry Cabling & Switching Standards and how they apply to installations in Schools. They will cover the practical implementation of Ministry requirements including practical photos of all aspects relating to installation, where common issues occur and how to ensure compliance.

Also covered are key changes to Ministry of Education requirements arising from the release of the new ICT Cabling Infrastructure Standards (v4.0) and how these apply to installation in schools. 

Torque IP hold regular training courses.  Register on the TIP Portal to be notified of the next available course.  

We have a huge responsibility to assure the stakeholders in our schools – students, staff, Trustees, Ministry – have all the correct information to make the best decisions possible. We need to ensure we reduce our 'I don’t know what I don’t know' position to the least possible. No project should venture far without expert advice.

John Wright, Principal
Mercury Bay Area School

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