Our Process: Advise + Acquire + Assure

  • We understand the uniqueness of each client’s requirements. To enable any ICT investment to match an organisation’s required outcomes it is imperative a collaborative approach is implemented.
  • We work alongside our clients as their independent technology advisors and ensure the design and implementation meets their expectation.
  • If the ICT investment is to upgrade existing technology, it is important to audit that technology and work with the client to understand what, if any, issues exist and to construct a gap analysis to ensure future investment hits the mark.
  • Careful planning needs to be undertaken prior to acquiring technology through releasing tender documents; this helps remove risk and wasted investment. A greenfield site is approached with the same attention to detail.
  • It is not sufficient to just write a specification and release it, obtain a price and call it a day. We have learnt from the vast number of implementations we have completed that unless they are carefully managed by a specialist ICT project manager they can go off the rails.
  • Checks and balances assure a positive client outcome and mark the successful completion and sign-off to any ICT project.
In the year following the upgrade we reduced the number of hours we needed to employ technical support. The speed of the network permits much faster data transfer as evidenced by speedier upgrades of software. Teachers appreciate being able to access the network across the school site, in every corner of the campus. This year we installed a third full computer room following the rewiring of the campus.

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