Online Collaborative Project Management System

TorqueIP's Online Collaborative Project Management System (OCPM) is an online project and information management system for the planning, management and implementation of IT projects. It is a suite of on-line tools that enable the efficient management of processes, projects, documents, assets and helpdesk tickets.

OCPM enables processes, documentation and communication to be controlled across multiple stakeholders in real-time via the internet, adding value by increasing visibility, collaboration, control and accountability. OCPM’s sophisticated information management facilities have been used across 520 school IT upgrade projects in New Zealand. These projects involved hundreds of contractors accessing the system to submit thousands of tender responses, and, in addition, the contract owners to manage key project and financial approvals.

Why is OCPM Valuable?

ICT infrastructure projects pose many challenges, including:

  • Tight schedules where the owner is often the last to know the status of each project
  • Retention of information relating to each project once completed
  • Fostering collaboration and trust amongst large groups of disparate and often geographically dispersed stakeholders
  • Consistently adhering to the required IT standards.

Why is OCPM Unique?

OCPM enables the management of infrastructure projects from implementation to completion. Information resides on-line, accessible only to authorised stakeholders (owners, project managers, consultants, contractors). OCPM’s workflow engine enables business processes such as on-line tendering to be built and executed on-line. For example, OCPM can enforce approvals for changes and track completion of work carried out by contractors.

OCPM can also replace traditionally manual communication, for example, paper and excel reports are replaced with online Dashboards, Smart Documents are used to replace audit, contract, schedule and tender documentation, and automated emails are used to replace manual reports, emails and phone calls.

In the year following the upgrade we reduced the number of hours we needed to employ technical support. The speed of the network permits much faster data transfer as evidenced by speedier upgrades of software. Teachers appreciate being able to access the network across the school site, in every corner of the campus. This year we installed a third full computer room following the rewiring of the campus.

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