Ministry of Education to implement an ICT Cabling standards training course for all site foremen or lead installers of School Network Upgrade Project (SNUP) installations

One of the main reasons for instances of non compliance with the standards during SNUP installations is that the installers are not trained or conversant with the requirements of the Ministry of Educations current standards. The standards were amended in August 2011 and many of the installers are not familiar with these amendments.

Currently the two SNUP Project Management companies maintain an efficient and effective inspection process which enables them to identify non compliant installations and request specific remediation before the installations are signed off. The reactive nature of this safe guard results in increased project costs and delays, and the cost to the installer of remediation can have major financial implications.

To help reduce instances of non compliance the Ministry has selected Torque IP to produce and present a one day course that covers all the requirements in the Ministry’s ‘Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Cabling Infrastructure: Policy and Standards for Schools’. 

The Ministry will make attendance of this course mandatory for any installation company intending to work within SNUP or in any Ministry funded ICT work on school property.

The Ministry proposes to roll this out over a 14 month period using the following schedule (with T0 to be Monday 9th July 2012):

Setup: Communicate the changes to the market and schedule training around country.

Stage 1: Installation company estimators or project managers to attend and complete the course and sit the exam to get an understanding of its value to their company.

Stage 2: Installation site managers or lead installers that will be managing a specific SNUP installation need to have attended and have completed the course and sat the exam.

Stage 3: Installation company site managers or lead installers that will be managing a specific SNUP installation need to have attended a course and have passed the exam (current pass mark is 80%).

Proposed timing and expectations matrix for uptake of the Standards training



Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Proposed time frame

2 Months

Up to 6 Months

Up to 6 months


Who would attend


Time needed to

communicate  the changes to the market

Schedule training around country.

Estimator or Project manager

Site foreman or lead installer

Site foreman or lead installer

Expected outcome

Attendance & sit exam

Attendance & sit exam

Attendance and pass exam


Means of gaining compliance


Will make up

20% of

SNUP RFP selection criteria


Will make up

20% of

SNUP RFP selection criteria

To be on the approved installer list, a company must be represented on each contracted site by someone who has passed the exam

From 9 September 2013 contracts will only be awarded to companies that have a Ministry standards certified site foreman on each installation. 

A one day training course including material, will cost $495 + GST per person. Locations for training will initially be Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. Additional regions will be added if a minimum of 8 attendees are available.
Certification will be awarded to the attendee’s who have attended the course and passed the exam. At present we are looking to re-certify every two years. 

Torque IP will be delivering two sessions per month across the country, with an 8 attendee minimum and 12-15 maximum. This will allow for more than one person per company to be trained and for consultants and project managers to attend in the first year.

To register your interest to attend a Torque Ip Ministry of Education Standards Training Course please click here (


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