Acquire - never buy on price alone

With any big outlay of money, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Technology is definitely one of those things you shouldn’t buy on price alone.

Your IT and communications infrastructure needs to do what you want it to – not just today, but as your needs evolve. The purchase price is just one component of the overall cost. Maintenance and running costs can eat up a considerable portion of your budget and exceed the original purchase price if you’re not careful.

What sounds like a good deal may turn out not to be if it ultimately doesn’t do what you need, or costs you a fortune to maintain. We help ensure what you buy is fit for purpose and your suppliers are providing fair value for money. Which means you can avoid budget blowouts and buyer’s remorse, and be sure the choices you make are the right ones.

In the year following the upgrade we reduced the number of hours we needed to employ technical support. The speed of the network permits much faster data transfer as evidenced by speedier upgrades of software. Teachers appreciate being able to access the network across the school site, in every corner of the campus. This year we installed a third full computer room following the rewiring of the campus.

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