Core Education and TorqueIP announce "Vision and Provision" service offering to schools

Education Gazette – issue Number 5 – March 28 2011: Core Education and TorqueIP announce "Vision and Provision" service offering to schools.

Exert from the article:
"Does your school have a robust, visionary ICT strategy? Delivering learning outcomes in the now and in the future requires the right infrastructure, the right learning environment and the right pedagogy – and that requires the right team to pull it all together.

CORE Education has partnered with Torque IP to ensure your school gets independent advice to make cost-effective and successful decisions for your school’s future. The 'Vision and Provision' service is all inclusive, from establishing where you are going, what you need to get there and providing appropriate professional development to your team, whilst ensuring quality standards are maintained throughout.

Because both organisations act as independent advisors, who do not sell or install the equipment, all recommendations are based entirely on your school’s needs."

If you would like to view the whole article refer to the Education Gazette or email and we’ll email you a copy.

In the year following the upgrade we reduced the number of hours we needed to employ technical support. The speed of the network permits much faster data transfer as evidenced by speedier upgrades of software. Teachers appreciate being able to access the network across the school site, in every corner of the campus. This year we installed a third full computer suite following the rewiring of the campus.

Vivianne Murphy, Principal
Wanganui Girls College

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