About Torque IP

About Torque IP

Torque IP has been an independent smart building technologies consultant since 2004.

Torque IP is uniquely placed as we cover a wide spectrum of technologies from cabling to wifi to smart building technologies and IoT (Internet of Things) on a national basis.

The Value of Independence

Independence is critical to ensure that the project and procurement approach, advice and recommendations reflect the end user’s needs while maintaining procurement guidelines.
  • As independent advisors we do not sell or install infrastructure.
  • Our role is to manage or consult on projects.
  • Our role is to subject suppliers, project managers and architects to a rigorous assurance process.
  • We have a team of 20 specialist ICT/Smart Building technology consultants located throughout New Zealand.

This ensures that what they deliver complies with global industry best practice, current industry standards and other relevant building code and regulatory requirements.

Our team

Torque IP co-founder Mak acts as a principal consultant and gets involved at the front end of projects to ensure practical outcomes to the end users. He provides strategic oversight and manages suppliers and installation contractors to ensure their delivery is in line with the client deliverables, relevant industry, building and regulatory requirements. Mak provides leadership for both the ICT and Smart Buildings Divisions and is involved with projects at the master planning and design phase driving value for clients by reducing costs and managing risk. His strengths are in providing commercial strategies and vision, ICT digital strategies, design and operational efficiency for clients across the build environment.

Mak Kulkarni

Managing Director

Torque IP co-founder Phil is Principal Consultant and Technical Director with a vast range of skills and experience including industrial electrical, layer 1-7 data and wireless infrastructures across large multi-building campuses where operation uptime is critical. He has global experience working on large and complex projects involving telecommunications and electrical systems and devices. Phil is a leading specialist data-design consultant in New Zealand and is known for his efficient approaches and continuous improvements. He strives to meet or exceed expectations for project success which focuses on the three main areas; on time, within budget and at the best quality.

Phil Earl

Technical Director

My role primary role as a client manager, is to make sure my client’s needs and interests are looked after and the commitments we make as a company are honoured. I take total responsibility for my clients welfare and I am the single point of contact should there be any issues. My job is to make sure we look after our clients first and ensure the right Torque IP skills and resources are allocated for each project. I always monitor each project to ensure milestones and delivery timelines are met.

My philosophy is: “When I am in front of my clients, I represent my company. When I am in front of my company, I represent my clients”.

Mike Stacey

Relationship Manager

With over has over 30 years’ in the ICT industry, Ross has a vast range of experience with organisations and project implementations throughout New Zealand.  This involvement ranges from Community Trust Funded ICT and Government projects to working in disaster affected areas, recommissioning Network infrastructure for stakeholders.

Ross is an effective, customer focused consultant who holds a wide range of skills and expertise.  He is approachable and problem-solving focussed and works hard to resolve and make decisions that benefit all stakeholders. An experienced relationship manager with strong leadership skills, Ross leads and communicates well in a team environments.

Ross Dore

Client Manager

Douglas joined Torque IP in early 2020 after 30-plus years in the education, research and technology sectors. Originally a high school teacher in NZ and the UK, he spent the early 2000s at the Ministry of Education working on a range of school-based ICT and eLearning initiatives including the provision of laptops to teachers, the upgrade of all school networks and the provision of fibre-based broadband to NZ schools. Prior to Torque IP Douglas was Chief Engagement Manager at REANNZ, the national research network that connects NZ’s leading tertiary and research institutions to their colleagues globally.

Douglas Harré

SNR Project Manager - Ngā iti Kahurangi

Bruce is a well-respected industry lead in Healthcare, Government and Commercial Sectors, sitting on the NZ Health Design Council and Standards Australia and New Zealand CT-001 Committee.

Bruce is the Practise Lead for Building Technologies with over 35 years of experience in voice, data, security and multimedia communications systems design, project management, installation, and technical support. He has been heavily involved from concept to post-construction stages of many healthcare, sports, educational, commercial, and industrial facilities where network infrastructure, ICT, health & patient care systems, and electronic security services and features are established and operated. He maintains active participation from concept and initial design, throughout construction and commissioning, as an internationally recognised and qualified ICT infrastructure specialist and Information Transport System auditor.

Bruce Turner

Practice Lead - Healthcare

Brett is a multifaceted Auditor, Designer, & Project manager with vast experience across many fields within the telecommunications industry.

Brett is extremely customer focused, able to meet and exceed customer expectations through providing efficient and effective solutions. His strengths are in his vast experience from technician onsite through to management. Brett has high interpersonal skills enabling him to relate to a wide range of people at all levels of an organization. Satisfaction from delivering effective innovative customer solutions, on time and to budget expectations are Brett’s key motivation. 

Brett Gurney

Project Manager/Consultant - Building Technologies

Cas is an ICT/ELV Building Services consultant with over 25 years’ experience in design and installation of electronic security system, generic cabling & communications systems, ELV systems, internetwork design (LAN and WAN), GSM monitoring equipment, WLAN (Wi-Fi, LoRA etc.).

He is certified through the Certified Wireless Network Professionals (CWNP) in WLAN design and administration. He also holds a master’s degree in Security Risk Management.

Our health, local government, commercial, retirement village sector clients, custodial, military and diplomat communities, will benefit from his years of experience in the design, and installation of the various ICT, ELV and intelligent building systems, which provides a platform to accommodate the ever-changing technology environment. Cas is also our lead for the TorqueIP service delivery team.

Cas Olckers

Service Delivery Manager & Consultant - Building Technologies

Jason is AGILE certified and a senior ICT consultant specialising in the design and delivery of structured cabling systems, UFB infrastructure, network and Wi-Fi solutions, nurse call, audio visual and security systems. He has 16 years’ experience in the ICT industry having designed and managed ICT projects in both New Zealand and Europe.

His project experience covers multiple sectors including Aged Care, Education, Defence, Finance and Health. Most recently Jason has been working with Summerset Holdings as the Lead ICT Engineer across their new village development programme. In this role he has been responsible for the design of ICT and ELV infrastructure across multiple large campus’s, incorporating residential, commercial and health care requirements.

Jason Terry

Project Manager/Consultant - Building Technologies

Mark, originally coming from the electrical industry joined Torque IP in 2010, bringing a wide range of experience across commercial, industrial, and domestic sectors.

His portfolio includes the delivery of a diverse range of services in the education and aged care sectors, these include the design of ICT/ELV building services, auditing, quality assurance inspections, procurement, design & delivery of standards training courses and specialist project management in ICT, building improvement, and asbestos decontamination.

Mark serves as an independent technical advisor to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and has delivered a number of successful energy efficiency projects including PV solar, battery storage systems and LPG standby generation systems. International exposure through travel in the United Kingdom, Europe (he is a fluent German speaker), Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East has enriched his perspective and has instilled an understanding of diverse cultures and methodologies, in turn enhancing his ability to relate to colleagues and clients in a respectful and constructive manner.

With a commitment to excellence and a penchant for innovation, Mark ensures that each endeavor he undertakes is marked by precision, efficiency, and quality.

Mark Carter

Project Manager/Consultant - Electrical & Building Technologies

Sohail is a Senior Building Technologies Consultant with over 17 years’ techno-commercial experience in building ICT works, structured cabling, voice, data, AV, security system, communications systems design, project management, installation and technical support for an extensive variety of applications and environments.

Sohail has managed significant workloads and the delivery of multidisciplinary projects to tight deadlines. He has outstanding knowledge in design and project management having delivered multiple projects in the Healthcare, Government, Education and Commercial sectors. He has a technical understanding of electronic communications Systems, resulting in optimised delivery and value for all projects.

Sohail Abbasi

Project Manager/Consultant - Building Technologies

Rey is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with Building Technologies Specialisation. Rey is an experience consultant, specialising in Electrical, ICT, Security (Access Control, CCTV and Intrusion Detection) and has worked in numerous verticals including Hospitals, Aged Care, Education, Commercial, Government and Local Government. With a keen eye for detail, his ability to integrate and deliver value to clients when coordinating, constantly results in positive feedback from the client and other consultants.

Rey calls Christchurch home base. When he's not clocking in at work, he's soaking up every moment with his family, jetting off on adventures, crushing it at the gym, catching thrilling MMA bouts, finding solace in church, and constantly expanding his horizons with a thirst for knowledge!

Rey Sidon

Project Manager/Consultant - Electrical & Building Technologies

Mike has been in the Building Technology industry for over 20 years, he has extensive experience both in the consulting and distribution segments, which makes him uniquely qualified to assist clients in scoping and delivering projects on time and to budget. Mike is constantly upskilling and looking to deliver value to customers and bring new technology to the table for consideration. Mike is passionate about getting things right, is a hands on doer, a problem solver and takes great pride in solving complex issues for our customers.

Mike Yates

Consultant - Building Technologies

Graeme is a multifaceted Building Technologies Consultant with vast experience across many fields within the telecommunications industry. He has diverse experience in commercial, government, tertiary and education projects of various sizes. His skill is to make quick and well considered decisions that will bring operational and practical benefit to the projects he oversees.

 Graeme is very customer and results focused on any project he manages.

Graeme Thomas

Consultant - Building Technologies

Nicholas has considerable experience in the security sector and will be based out of our Auckland office supporting our security division: consulting, designing, specifying and IQA on integrated smart building security systems. He will be working alongside our other renowned building technologies consultants provisioning seamless smart building integrations that just work!

 In his off-time, Nicholas has a passion for hydroponics and aquaponics with a plan is to have a self-sufficient garden going forward.

Nicholas Hong

Project Manager/Consultant - Building Technologies

Brendon joins the team with a wealth of recent experience rolling out and project managing Ultrafast Broadband projects, along with ICT Infrastructure Design and Construction monitoring. Brendon's unique understanding of fibre systems and their use within Multi Dwelling Units and Campus wide developments helps Torque IP design cost effective future focused solutions that work for our clients.

Brendon has previously worked on the building technology designs of an offshore LNG gas plant which explain his high personal safety standards that he brings to all projects.

His favourite after work pastime is making his own designs become a reality with his 3D printer

Brendon Williams

Consultant - Building Technologies

Amy worked at Torque IP in the Energy division and returned in September 2021. Amy has extensive experience in customer focused projects including developing and launching a pet food, creating Cupcake Day for the SPCA as well several projects for Auckland Theatre Company. Amy strengths are in relationship building, planning and customer service. A strong motivator for Amy is efficiency with the aim of an organized, on budget and successful project providing customer satisfaction on an internal and external level.

Amy Drury

Programme Co-ordinator

Helen joins the Torque IP team as a Projects Manager working on the Ngā Iti Kahurangi project for the Ministry of Education upgrading Lighting, Acoustics, Thermal Insulation and RCD protection in over 600 Schools. Torque IP are managing the Central Region for the Ministry and Helen forms part of the team responsible for the successful delivery of this great Ministry Initiative.

Helen specializes in Asbestos project management and carries both the IP402 and IP405 qualifications.

In her spare time Helen likes to compete in surf life saving events and tramp all the tracks New Zealand has to offer.

Helen Jackson

Project Manager

Girish specializes in 3D modelling tools like Revit MEP, AutoCAD, Solidworks, CATIA and PRO-E, and ensures that the BIM models are coordinated as well as modelling processes are in place. Girish is an Industrial Engineer specialized in Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD / CAM), HVAC drafting for large commercial buildings. His experience caters for effective BIM Coordination and delivery of 3D models.

Girish Mailar

BIM & Revit Modeller

Mathew is currently working with 3D/2D modelling tools like Revit MEP, AutoCAD, and BIM. As an ICT designer with over 17 years of experience in the MEP industry. He has a broad range of experience in different industry sectors such as Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial, Public and Private Sectors. This experience enables him to handle complex projects by producing effective BIM Coordination and 3D/2D models, delivering them to meet customer requirements and schedule timelines.

Mathew Kochupappy

BIM & Revit Modeller

Jane Constable

Accounts Manager

Navneet Brar joins the Torque IP team as a junior Building Technologies Design Engineer, he has a number of years working in the IT industry and will be working closely with the Wellington Team delivering client projects.

Navneet Brar

Junior Building Technologies Design Engineer

As independent, specialist smart building consultants, we work with the build team and stakeholders to ensure the design and decision making process caters for the whole ICT / Smart Building eco-system. This ensures innovative and integrated design components work as intended. Torque IP’s ‘whole-of-ICT’ planning approach has helped us achieve an envious end-to-end track record and a reputation for ‘making it work’.

Mak Kulkarni
Managing Director

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