IoT and property sensor automation systems

IoT and property sensor automation systems

This new technology offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for facility managers to precisely solve acute problems.

Develop smart maintenance strategies using our IoT automation systems. Automated monitoring makes facility managers' days easier by keeping a digital eye on optimal performance and potential problems across building systems.

Proactive Maintenance Never Looked Easier

The future is looking bright when machines and system are telling you the garden patches need water or when energy intensive systems automate themselves to reduce wastage. IoT automation systems presents an opportunity to allow facility managers to develop smart maintenance strategies. The technology now exists to make daily tasks easier by keeping an eye on performance and pointing out potential issues that would be difficult (and in some cases, impossible) to detect with conventional hands-on management.

Context-rich, action-ready

The rich information gives more context for what’s going on and enables people or systems  act more quickly and be more responsible when the right information is presented about a building’s status.


IoT uses one common Internet Protocol (IP) to connect devices, which include everything from smartphones, tablets and digital assistants to various types of sensors and systems such as HVAC, lighting, and security. IoT is a fast-expanding digital ecosystem of connected devices where technology costs are decreasing, smartphone use is becoming ubiquitous, and more and more devices are designed with built-in sensors to aid in this decision making.

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