Torque IP has extensive experience providing ICT design services to the commercial sector. 

Torque has provided its full range of ICT and Smart Building services to commercial construction projects including design consultation and review, procurement, RFP evaluation, project management and full end-to-end design of smart building systems. Our team are experienced in delivering modern ICT and Smart Building environments in both new builds and renovations.

There's a reason architects and project managers trust us to help them deliver modern ICT and Smart Building environments. It's our independent advice and years of experience. 

Services for the commercial sector:

Independent Quality Assurance

Torque IP has been providing Quality Assurance on ICT infrastructure projects and network deployments since 2005.

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IoT Smart Building Design & Build

TorqueIP are specialists in designing and building Smart Building systems.

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Value Engineering

Get the best ROI from your ICT and Smart Building projects.

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Disruptive Procurement Strategies

We can save you money and ensure you get the best-fit technology for your project.

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Technology Project Management

We manage the process to ensure your IT infrastructure is ready to go on day one.

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Increasing digitisation of all buildings increases cyber-risk. Many owner-operators are realising the importance of a sound cybersecurity strategy because of their digitisation efforts. Assets are increasingly connected, driving the need for secure remote building monitoring and management.

Mak Kulkarni, Managing Director Torque IP

Technologies for the commercial sector

Meeting Rooms & Audio Visual Technologies

Transform the way you communicate, collaborate and learn every day.

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Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure

Procure and implement secure, reliable, and scalable server rooms and data centres.

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Security (ACID) Integrations

Specify real-world pragmatic solutions to plan risk strategies and mitigation of security scenarios during the build process

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IoT and Property Sensor Automation Systems

Keep a digital eye on optimal performance and potential problems across building systems.

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