LAN/SDWAN Networks

LAN/SDWAN Networks

SD-WAN, or, software-defined wide area network simplifies the management and operation of a WAN by decoupling the networking hardware from its control mechanism.

Mitigate risk while improving your business agility and productivity.

SD WAN offers improved network performance with centralised control, and is built specifically for the multi-cloud environment we now operate in.

SDWAN is a specific application of software-defined networking (SDN) technology applied to WAN connections such as broadband internet, 4G, LTE, or MPLS. It connects enterprise networks — including branch offices and data centers often over large geographic distances. The key is simplifying management of networks and significantly reducing the monthly costs of your telecommunication contracts.

Enterprise customers are demanding more flexible, open, and cloud-based WAN technologies, rather than installing proprietary or specialised WAN technology that often involves expensive, fixed circuits, or proprietary hardware.

Many of the new software-defined WAN offerings, for example, can be used to improve and secure internet connectivity, making it more competitive with more expensive legacy WAN technologies such as MPLS. In some cases, software-defined WAN technology uses internet broadband connections to replace more expensive solutions. Virtualization technology can apply security and virtual private networking (VPN) technology to broadband Internet connections, making them more secure.

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