Local Government

Local Government

TorqueIP is involved in consultancy and design services to the local government sector.

We have carried out numerous projects for Local Regional, City and District Councils nationwide. Our work with these councils has included producing designs and engineering in consultation with the client, producing system specifications, drafting standards in consultation with stakeholders and and IT departments, creating and issuing RFPs, procurement, project management and overseeing sign off.

Independence and non-bias is critical for local governments. That's why New Zealand's local governments trust us as their independent advisors for ICT and smart building projects.

Services for local government:

Auditing & Reviews

We review your project's ICT design to cut costs and eliminate over-provisioning.

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IoT Smart Building Design & Build

TorqueIP are specialists in designing and building Smart Building systems.

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Disruptive Procurement Strategies

We can save you money and ensure you get the best-fit technology for your project.

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Technology Project Management

We manage the process to ensure your IT infrastructure is ready to go on day one.

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Environment Canterbury is the council responsible for the Canterbury region’s air, water and land. Environment Canterbury worked with local consultants Torque IP to design the cabling solution for PON.

“When we designed the network, we wanted to ensure we exceeded the 80 Mb/s bandwidth that employees were used to with a traditional Ethernet LAN. Currently, every employee gets a 1 Gb/s connection to the desktop. Even my Wi-Fi connection is 130 Mb/s. So we’re well in excess of what we hoped.”

Alan Warne, Team Leader ICT Operations

Technologies for local government:

Meeting Rooms & Audio Visual Technologies

Transform the way you communicate, collaborate and learn every day.

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Security (ACID) Integrations

Specify real-world pragmatic solutions to plan risk strategies and mitigation of security scenarios during the build process

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GPON/Passive Optical LAN

The more cost effective and energy efficient alternative to traditional network architectures.

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IoT and Property Sensor Automation Systems

Keep a digital eye on optimal performance and potential problems across building systems.

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