Value engineering

Nobody wants a cost blowout. That's why we use value engineering. This helps our clients to cut costs while maintaining or improving quality, value, and functional performance.

Everyone wins.

Why do our clients choose us for their ICT and smart building projects? Because we achieve 30% to 40% savings on capex & opex in Extra Low Voltage (ELV) building services and ICT equipment without compromising  network performance or operational maintenance. Our supplier independence helps with that impressive stat.

Experience counts.

Torque IP has designed and project managed many ICT infrastructure deployments and have considerable experience with cost modelling of traditional ICT infrastructure commonly deployed in buildings. We work with clients to provide new technology solutions as an alternative to the current ICT services design. By having design and build teams work together from the beginning of a project we ensure the right technologies and services are specified from the start, avoiding scope creep and providing the best value at a lower cost.

The best ROI, without compromise.

Scope creep in construction and building projects is inevitable but can be minimised with experience, good planning and co-ordination between the design and build teams. At Torque IP we use a set of disciplined procedures that are designed to seek out optimum value for both initial and long-term investment in ICT and smart building infrastructures.

Having independent advice to challenge our ICT infrastructure investment thinking and ensuring that any investment plan was sustainable based on current/future trends was important to our Stakeholders. Torque IP ensured that every dollar we spent was going to bring a return. Deployment of a Passive Optic LAN over a traditional Structured Cabling Solution saved us 55% of our CAPEX costs.

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