ICT auditing and reviews

Nobody likes paying for more than they need. That's why clients trust us to independently review their proposed ICT designs. 

You'll eliminate over-provisioning costs, yet ensure current and future functionality.

Over-provisioning of ICT infrastructure is a common source of waste in construction projects and re-builds. Inexperience often causes people to err on the side of caution when attempting to future proof. The usual result is over-provisioning.

We'll help you avoid this costly trap by designing and building expandable pathways or identifying hybrid technologies that can achieve the same goals but at lower costs.

Save yourself 25% - 35% on overspend.

Typically projects can be over-provisioned by 25% to 35% with an over-specified data infrastructure having a flow on effect in creating excess power infrastructure built to match. Many ICT and security installs are signed off by non-ICT specialists such as electrical engineers who are not up to speed with the latest ICT standards.

A number of services fall outside the design scope of client-appointed consultants and should be reviewed by specialists. These services include:

  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Ultrafast Broadband and other Telco services
  • Network (Data) switches
  • Audio Visual projection technology 
  • Public Address Systems
  • IP Video Surveillance
  • Servers, desktop and other mobile devices
  • Printing and copying

Some of these services get covered at the last minute by the construction contractor while others that come under an FF&E budget are often procured from multiple resellers late in the construction process. The result is poor co-ordination between the various providers resulting in cost blowouts and quality control problems including a lack of consistency in the services  and products installed. It also often means that existing investment in technology is not protected under re-build programmes.

Specialty consultants at your service.

With the audit and review service we act as a specialist technology consultant working with the client and construction contractor. We assess design documentation and address discrepancies between the design and standards and industry best practice for such things as ICT cabling infrastructure, security systems and audio visual systems.

We review the current base build specifications  to ensure they are fit for purpose and have some flexibility or future needs built in. Finally, we produce a review report and marked up drawings detailing discrepancies and recommendations. 

Torque IP works on behalf of clients as an advocate, providing sound, independent, expert advice. We are independent consultants, advisors and project managers.

Mike Stacey, Client Director

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