Digital Ceiling

Digital Ceiling

A digital ceiling connects all devices and functions such as lighting, security, WiFi and HVAC ensuring everything is secure and readily available to control.

Increase efficiency and user experience while reducing energy usage with a properly configured digital ceiling.

Boost security and manage facilities more effectively.

Make your buildings smart. Combine different building networks such as light, air, physical security, and more onto a single IP network. When you do, you can boost security and manage facilities more effectively. Building systems in a Digital Ceiling are simpler to manage and more efficient. They can also improve productivity, safety, and the comfort of occupants. All of this comes at a reduction of Cap-Ex and Op-Ex.

One more commonly applied technology is LED light fixtures that are more efficient than incandescent or fluorescent lights. Lighting can now be controlled by building management systems that run purely over a network via Power over Ethernet switches as an ideal power source.

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