Technology project management

Whether it’s a new build or an office relocation, we'll have your IT infrastructure ready to go on day one. We'll also project manage the entire process, so you can focus on other things. 

Leave it to us.

We're specialists in managing complex ELV installs and ICT  relocations. Clients choose us because we are experts in bringing in the most taxing new building installs on time and on budget.

Supervision, so you don't have to.

Torque IP will supervise all contractors and integrators in a combination of on-site and off-site management with regular site visits and quality inspections to ensure work is done to the required standards. A final inspection once all buildings are complete prior to handover will be followed by a final report identifying any remediation actions if required. Any remediation will be instructed by the project manager.

Hit the ground running with the right ICT from the start.

We help clients in three key areas:

  • Audit existing buildings to fully understand the current ICT provisioning so that when decanting is completed the client has the appropriate ICT infrastructure and equipment in place
  • Work with any IT support providers to ensure that infrastructure such as network switches and WiFi are fit for purpose and re-configure and commission the network for where necessary
  • Work with equipment providers for copiers, phones and other equipment to ensure that these services are fit for use in the new environment, relocated and re-commissioned
Relocate like a pro.

We will:

  • Provide a scoping plan for the relocation of any existing equipment from current office to the new office
  • Manage the relocation of  ICT equipment to the new environment including managing the contractors necessary for the installation and commissioning of the ICT equipment
  • Provide advice on any new equipment required.

Torque IP provided us the expertise to go to market with confidence in meeting our outcomes

Murray Fox, Senior Technical Consultant - FMG

TIPP: Online Project Management

We use our on-line project management system TIPP. TIPP stores and manages processes and tasks assignments. The portal provides visibility, control, automation, and collaboration to help ensure projects are delivered on time. TIPP helps us:

  • Improve the performance of project delivery
  • Deliver consistency in the management of the project communications;
  • Significantly reduce time associated with general document management
  • Reducing the number of exceptions or issues
  • Increase performance and reduce risk associated with the project

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