Meeting Rooms & Audio Visual Technologies

Meeting Rooms & Audio Visual Technologies

Audio-visuals have been utilised for a long time to convey messages in an organisation meetings, lectures and seminars, demos, stage acts and plays, business proposals, and the like. But the technology has been very basic compared with the technology available today.

Let us help you transform the way you communicate, collaborate and learn every day. Customised specification and selection policies ensure you get the best possible solution at the best price. 

Enabling collaboration, efficiency and innovation.

Modern meeting spaces utilise a range of technologies from mobile devices, virtual reality systems to specialist meeting spaces delivering high-bandwidth connectivity to distant places.

The advent of accessible high-fidelity audio and high-quality video enables users to better communicate rich content and promotes collaboration across borders.

We design solutions that enable next-generation AV tools, inclusive of: 

  • Automation of Room Management and utilisation analytics for space decision making
  • Way-finding and Communications Boards
  • Boarding room and Meeting space Video/Audio Conferencing
  • Public Address and Lock-down systems
  • Smart Building Sensor Integration 
A solid communications strategy.

We work with clients to assess their business needs, understand how services are currently delivered, illuminate the benefits of different delivery models and confirm that the proposed solution meets their requirements.

We will build a communications strategy with you that is focused upon the outcome and gives the stakeholders the confidence to move forward.

Timing is everything.

Once the strategy is defined, the planning and execution for completing the work on time is critical to any operation’s effectiveness. We can assist by developing or sourcing management tools that will deliver what stakeholders require in the timelines agreed.

Our aim is to support your business by highlighting opportunities to reduce expenditure while enabling tools that foster a generation of results for your organisation.

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