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16 November, 2023

BICSI Conference 2023 - Phil's Presentation

In September, Phil was fortunate to be invited to speak on Passive Optical LAN in the Aged Care Sector at the BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International) Fall conference in Las Vegas attended by 2,400 attendees, exhibitors, visitors and guests.

The presentation was met with some odd looks when I mentioned we loved chocolate fish and I’d brought some to hand out to anyone that asked questions, I wasn’t sure I’d get any takers, so I asked the first question.


The presentation itself could have been more aptly entitled “Passive Optical LAN – A practical guide to implementation” as the examples and lessons learnt across multiple installations are applicable to any Passive Optical LAN installation.

It was evident that everyone in attendance understood that Passive Optical LAN is a green technology and can help with Greenstar points, so I focused on how it could impact on other environmental aspects and save costs through smaller pathways, communications rooms and risers.

The presentation was well received and the BISCI trainers for the introduction to Passive Optical LAN asked if they could use some of my slides to include in their training, which of course I’m only too happy to share.

It was great to attend the conference and have the opportunity to learn about new technologies, implementation techniques and cost management options, providing valuable knowledge we can now share with our clients.